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The 2012 Elections...

Electorial Estimates leading up to the Nov. 2012 Elections....

See Karl Rove's Electorial estitimates below
Don't forget our battle cry, "Remember in November."

From now until election day we'll be posting electorial count estimates from Rove & Company here.


Election 2012: State of the Race - Update 10/7

With just over a month until Election Day, there are still fourteen states (186 Electoral College votes) that are "toss ups" or only "lean" for one candidate. Barack Obama has 196 "safe" EC votes, and Mitt Romney has 156. In this week's map, Ohio, Nevada, and Iowa shifted from "toss up" to "lean" Obama, and Montana moved from "safe" to "lean" Romney for now. All of the "lean" Romney states will almost certainly end up in Mr. Romney's column in November, while the "lean" Obama states are tougher battlegrounds that will likely move positions several times in the final month until Election Day, especially as more Americans tune in to the race and upcoming debates.




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