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We'll be posting audio excerpts from various sources here and links to other audio.
Don't forget our battle cry, "Remember in November."

10/26/2012 - Listen to the Dad of the Navy Seal killed in Libya talk about how he was treated by the President and Vice President

10/14/11 - J. Christian Adams, former attorney for the Voting Rights Section of the Department of Justice and author of "Injustice," talks with Laura about the racial agenda that is the driving force behind President Obama and Eric Holder's Department of Justice and how race-neutral protection under the law has largely been ignored by Obama's Justice Department.

04/11 - Caller Tian talks about imigration - Laura Ingraham

03/04 - In times of Crisis, Team Obama Responds - Laura Ingraham

9/17 - Listen to Betsy McCaughey talkk to Bill O'Reilly about Obamacare and its affect on working americans

9/11 - Todd Beamer, who lost his son on 9/11, talks with Laura

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Numbers USA - Immigration Reforms

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